Value Proposition

As a team of sales professionals who understand that our success is measured only by the success of our clients and customers, we strive to provide the highest possible return for the commission dollars we earn. We will invest in the people and sales resources necessary for the success of all stakeholders.

  • 4 Owner Partners
  • 3 Associates
  • All actively involved
  • Over 150 years combined food sales experience
  • Unmatched market insight
  • Decision maker access
  • Customer influence
  • A reputation earned and respected throught the region

1 Independent Status

Our independent and local status provide real client benefits:

  • Single-Minded Focus / exclusive attention to Foodservice in one market
  • Employee Ownership / ensuring personal engagement and reward
  • Agility / ability to instantly pivot and respond to market opportunities and challenges
  • Employee Retention / long tenured Partners and Associates


2 Experienced

Our team has accumulated over 150 years in combined experience, exclusively in our local market providing our clients with:

  • Market Knowledge / sharp insight into our local Foodservice landscape
  • Understanding / awareness of the dynamics between our distributors and end-users
  • Effective Planning & Execution / knowing how to get things done


3 Connected

We have excellent connections with our distributor and end-using customers, with an ethical and trustworthy reputation earned individually and as a Company:

  • Relationship Driven / our team has cultivated longstanding relationships with the trade
  • Perfect Partners / each of our Partners are welcome at all distributors
  • Professionalism / we are acknowledged for our preparation and professionalism

4 Sales Driven

We know that the street is where it all happens, and each Partner is regularly customer facing

  • “Drag the Bag” / our team understands the value of customer interaction with samples
  • Responsive / we operate with a sense of urgency chasing sales opportunities
  • Follow Up / we honor follow up on customer and client commitments
  • Teamwork / we work as a team using our individual strengths to achieve our sales goals